Where showing off what you've worked hard for is...
closer than you think

Allow our professional and educated personal trainer work with you to reach your goals.

Who needs a personal Trainer?
Everyone! Personal training can help you attain your goals, by teaching discipline, keeping you motivated, and giving you new ideas for stale workouts.

Your success is our goal! We want is to give you the information and tools you need to be able to workout effectively on your own and achieve your desired results. Go ahead, show off what you've worked hard for!

Remember personal training is not about counting your repetitions; it is about helping you become better, faster and safer!

Trainer Bio for Deidra Anderson

NSPA & ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

"I believe in training hard, but I also believe you have to have fun along the way. I understand health and fitness require exercise, but nutrition is a key component. My job as a trainer is to help guide and support you while on your journey to better health. But it doesn’t end there. I will always be there to assist you in making better lifestyle choices to help you reach your goals.” “I live the very life I coach. I continue to set my goals high, and train to do the best I can. I believe anyone can accomplish their goals with the right tools, dedication and support, which is what I have to offer."

Small Group Specialty:
HIIT BOXING P90Xlive, Variety of Kettlebell Specialties, Get Fit with Deidra

Group Fitness Classes:
Senior Strength, Senior Cardio Circuit & SPINN


Trainer Bio for Vicki Bull

Certified Personal Trainer + Life Coach

I started my fitness career in 1997 as a fitness instructor.  Through the years I have come to realize how important fitness is in my life.  Exercise to me is “therapy” both physically and emotionally. It is more than weight loss and vanity.  It is proof that, no matter what level of fitness you are, you are strong and, “yes you can do it”.

Small Group Specialty:
Power Punches

Group Fitness Specialty:
Total Body Conditioning & SPINN